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Welcome to Satima Projects. In this blog, we’ll learn and share more about different shelters around the world.

Experience the Outdoors in a Unique Way: Unique Shelters, Dwellings Spaces, and Natural Building Projects: Geodesic Domes, Camping Tents, Zomes, Mobile Homes, Tiny Houses, Cob Houses, and More.

Unique Shelters, Energy, and Natural Building Projects and Workshops. #satimashelters #satimaprojects

If you are curious about the following, follow us, and let’s go on an Adventure!

  • Nomadic Shelters
  • Tents and Tarps
    – Tent on Platforms
    – Camping Tents
    – Glamping Tents
  • Domes and Zomes
    – Zomes
    – Star Domes
    – Wigwam
  • Unique Dwellings
    – Bus Houses
    – Van Dwellings
    – Tiny Houses
    – A-Frames
  • Natural Buildings
    Cob Houses
    – Cob Ovens
    – Earthbags homes
    – Recycled materials
    – Old Containers
    – Bamboo
  • Woodworking projects
  • Solar Energy

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