How to Build a Cob House

How to Build a Cob House

Dwelling Spaces

Our modern-day dwelling spaces are beautiful, and elegant and have got most of the essential utilities. We make them from concrete and other materials which are works of industrial processes. But how did our ancestors construct their shelter?

People used (some still do) to make shelters from natural materials that were readily available to them. While these dwelling spaces were not the most elegant, they were very affordable, easy to maintain, and healthy to live in.

One of these materials is Cob. Cob is a building material that is a mixture of clay, sand, and straw.

Cob House Ingridients

  • Sub Soil (Clay): This can be obtained on-site
  • An Aggregate(Sand): The normal sand used in construction.
  • Fiber (Straw): Usually Wheat or Grass (Hay) Straw
  • Water: Freshwater – Salty water is not recommended.

Benefits of Building with Cob

  • Raw materials are affordable and low cost
  • It’s good for DIY Builders
  • The cob material is a good Interior temperature regulation
  • Very strong and durable (If given good boots and hat).
  • Unlike concrete houses, cob houses are non-toxic.
  • The thick walls of a cob house are noise-proof.
  • Termite and Fireproof

What to do before you start building a cob house

  1. Plan: Before you start testing your soil and coming up with a mixing ratio. You need to plan your cob house. Know what exactly you want to build – size, design, and look). As with any sculpting, you have to have the end product in mind before starting the journey.
  2. Cost: Based on your plan, make estimates for the whole project both in terms of materials and labor.
  3. Timelines: Create a timeline – Estimated time of when to start and finish.

A Simple checklist

  • Manpower and Tools
  • Foundation and Drainage
  • Decoration and Interior Design
  • Doors and Windows
  • Frames & Roofing
  • Plaster and Finishing
  • Utilities – Electricity, Water…


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Are you building a cob house in Africa? Or Have you built one already?


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